Friday, December 13, 2013

it's been a while...

I haven't put a post up in a long time because:  1) who cares, nobody reads this any way!!! and 2) I felt boring. I was in a weird transition in my life and nothing was happening, besides my running, my days were pretty dull.

I don't know if I'll come back to posting on a regular basis, but I do miss having a place to document my training or recap my races.

To catch you up on my life, since my last post (June 2012) I have moved back to the Fresno Area, got a new job as a Biologist, ran 2 marathons, hurt my IT band and am slowly making my way back to running multiple times a week and longer distances.

I'm taking it slow (more spin, less run) and getting myself ready for full year of running in 2014... and hopefully a lot more exciting things to share on this blog :)