Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

The thing I am most excited about this holiday is the day after candy sale at Walgreen  Yup, that's what its all about- discounted chocolate.

Anyway, this morning I really needed to go on my run since I haven't had the best workout week because of my achy back. I wanted to do 9 miles with 6 at MP.

At mile 4 my Garmin died (I need to remember that thing needs constant life support). The first four miles felt  slow and difficult but were on target (8:10, 8:13, 8:30, 8:20), I'm pretty sure I did 6 under 8:30 min/mile but it's hard to be sure without the GPS.

My back still hurts but not as bad as  yesterday, but it's still uncomfortable. I wore an exercise waste trimmer thing and that seemed to help since it was putting a little pressure on my back.

Tomorrow is a make or break day for me. Pharmacy school applications are due (DONE!) and my thesis needs to be turned into the Graduate Studies office before they close (5pm). If it doesn't get accepted I have to wait until next semester to graduate and I will be very depressed and possible committee suicide. (I'm being sarcastic, please don't notify any crisis-help hotlines or my mom. I'm kidding)
Are you going trick or treating with your kids tonight?

Any fun costume ? Anthony and I dressed up as Moticia and Gomez Addams for a Halloween party but I didn't take a picture. #fail

After Halloween candy sale- are you excited too?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

help me pick out a shoe

My lower back hurts. I'm prone to lower back pain but this time it hurts. Yesterday, I went on a run and had to cut it short (5 miles) because I felt a lot of uncomfortable pressure. This morning I still felt funny (plus I woke up late) so I didn't run.

I'm a very impatient and stubborn person and when something hurts I usually ignore it and maintain my schedule, but this pain is really starting to worry me / freak me out. (I'm also have a worried and paranoid personality, and  it's not helping)

I really enjoyed my trail run this weekend and figured if I was going to do it again I need proper shoes. I found these mizunos online and can't decide on the color. What do you think?

Item # 045407

Item # 045712

My prayers and thoughts today are with those affected by Sandy! I hope things brighten up soon. 

How do yo react when you have a pain? remain calm or assume the worst?

Are you indecisive like me?

What's your favorite color?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trail run: natures best thigh master

I had the worst night of sleep last night. It could have been because I watched an episode of Grimm where they featured "La Llorona" ( eek, childhood fear) or the fact that I was afraid that I was going to wake up late and miss my run with Earnie.

Luckily, I woke up when my second alarm sounded at 5:15am. Got dressed, gathered my stuff and headed down to George Canyon. This time I made it right on time, Earnie was still there and was getting his gear on when I ran up.

It was still really dark, Earnie had a flashlight and he told me to stay close. Before we started he told me we were going to do a "hilly and small loop ". We ran through trails, up hills, down hills, through bushes. At one point, after climbing a giant hill I looked at my watch to see how much distance was covered, I would have guessed we were at 8 miles but my watch said 4.5. haha. Needless to say, it was difficult.

I had a good time, Earnie was very nice and made sure to check on me. He showed me his favorite running trails and kept me engaged by trying to keep me talking. The hills are killer, my thighs and calves were in so much pain. I'm not use to trails either, I kept slipping on the loose gravel. I know hills are a good workout and help make build speed and endurance, so I will be doing this more often.

We only ran 10 miles and headed home. I got home changed my shoes and ate a mini-bagel and headed out for 5 more miles. I want to make sure I have the distance for the marathon I have in December.
Do you like outdoor activities like hiking, trail running?

La Llorona- did you have a weird fear about her too?

Ever get nervous or excited about an event, you can't sleep the night before?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy National Pumpkin Day

I woke up this morning and almost didn't go out on my run. It was cold and I'm a big wimp and hate the cold but I went because I missed my run yesterday. I went out thinking of doing 6 miles with 3 at a sub 9 minute per mile pace, and jogging the rest.

The first mile was not that hard, and when I looked down at my Garmin it said 7:30. I was a shocked and tried to make mile #2 about the same. It was hard but it was still under 8- 7:50. I felt like I was pretty much dying after that so I decided to slow down a little. The next 2 miles were both 8:40 and 8:30 and I was really excited because that is still faster than my intended goal. I really wanted to go hard for the last mile, it was hard and my legs felt heavy but I finished around a 7:30. I jogged the last leg home.

I have felt a little out of it lately and my runs haven't been amazing but this morning was really exciting because I felt like I am speedy and I have the potential to get even faster. Training for the marathon felt like I was improving my skills but I was afraid they would diminish as soon as I finished the race and took a break to recover. I'm excited that I don't have to start at square one for the next race, I already have some speed built up.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at 5am to make sure I am on time for my run with my friend Earnie. Can't have a repeat of last week!

Any Halloween plan?

Today is national pumpkin day- thoughts on pumpkins?

Are you a wimp when it gets cold, or is that just me?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Barley & Green Tea

Remember how I said that my hill workout yesterday was conservative, well, turns out it wasn't because this morning my calves were screaming! I was so sore, like I just ran up a hill, 10 times.

It was cold this morning so I wore compression socks with my shorts in hopes of keeping warm and helping my calves happy. I ran my usual 7 mile loop at a pretty good pace. I wanted to go out for a tempo run and maintain a good speed but there were times where I was freezing and definitely felt like I was running faster.

Today might have been "walk your kids to school" day because I ran into a herd of kids on their bikes, scooters and uncoordinated feet. They were all over the place, not watching where they were going and kept cutting me off. I almost pushed 4 kids into the bushes <-- this coming from the girl who wants 4 kids, never mind I'll take 1.
Tuesday nights are insane for me. After work I have class from 7 to 9pm. It's rough, because on every other night of the week, I'm tucked in by 8:30. Yesterday was extra stressful because I have been really anxious about all the deadlines coming up. But, I got a nice little surprise when I got home.

Anthony brought me tea from this cool little place called Hojas. It's amazing, they use real tea leaves and they smell/ taste fantastic. Anyway, I don't think he really meant anything by it but it really helped calm me down. Plus, seeing him makes me happy. ( I know, mushy stuff, vomit)

Kids? want them or just want to appreciate them from far far away?

Is there anything that soothes/ calms you down when you are stressed out?

Favorite tea flavor? i like herbal teas better than fruity flavored teas

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

pile on the miles

I'm not sore anymore, so I figure I should go back to my regular routine. Today I did 10 hill repeats on that crazy hill near my apartment. I felt like my workout was a little conservative. I'm not sure if it's because I'm stressed out and tired or because my body is beat from the marathon, but it's okay, I'll slowly add in the hard workouts.

I read Run Eat Repeat on a regular basis, and this morning when I checked to see to what up with RER saw this:

pile on the miles 2012

Pile On The Miles is an annual event where we challenge ourselves to walk or run more during the month of November. The goal is to pile on extra miles not pounds during this food filled time of year!

Who: Everyone is invited to join

What: Online challenge to walk or run more during turkey month.
When: November 1 – December 1. Winners announced Dec 2nd.
Where: Sign up and Update your weekly mileage on the spreadsheet below
Why: To challenge yourself and encourage others to move moreThis isn’t about weight loss or distance – it’s about doing a little extra this month.
The Rules:
1. Sign up on the Google Spreadsheet by October 31st.
There will be a place for your name, blog address and twitter handle. You must put in a name, but the other entries are optional. 
2. Set a goal at the beginning of the challenge to WALK or RUN x amount of miles. These could be miles on the treadmill OR outside/inside walking OR running. No biking or elliptical miles don’t count.
3.  We will be using calendar weeks Sun-Sat, but the first week is Thur-Sat. It’s clearly marked on the spreadsheet. Please update your miles for the previous week by Monday.
Use this spreadsheet to sign up by Oct 31st at midnight:
I think this a great idea! I already signed up and my goal is to run 100 miles in the month of November. I think it's a great support system, that way you wont feel like your doing it alone, because you're not! Plus, there are many chances for prizes!!
Do you like group challenges ?
Hills? yay or nay?
Does you eating plan/ diet go out the window for the holiday season?

Monday, October 22, 2012

I need some space and/or a xanax

This morning I skipped the run, since I ran Saturday (13 miles) and Sunday (about an hour) and because I have a giant stress-induced headache.

First of all, this weekend was.... interesting. I drove up to San Jose with the Galaxy supported team for a game. It was exhausting.

Second, my PI is still sitting on my thesis and the darn thing is due in 10 days. 10 DAYS!!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. (or that could be the "exhaustion" from this weekend)

Third, I've been super overwhelmed lately. I feel like I always have something to do and somewhere to be and all I really want to do is watch cartoons in my jammies until 4pm. I guess I am having concerns about the choices I have made in the past few months (school, work, running, friends, bf) and I really think it's time to re-evaluate things and make time for myself.  How do you tell school that you need some space? 

On happy news: my mom ran her first 5K this weekend and LOVED it. So proud of her :)

How do you keep you life balanced?

Are you a procrastinator? I'm not. but my PI is and always waits until the last minute. Drives me crazy.

New Training Plan

Do you guys remember when I ran Conquer the Bridge in San Pedro on Labor Day Weekend? At the start line, I saw a coworker, Earnie, and found out that he loves running too and has been running half marathons and marathons for the past 20 years.

He is really nice and has decided to let me in on his training secret. Saturday morning we meet at George Canyon in Palos Verdes at 6am. Luckily, that is only 1 mile away from where I live. The day before, he told me we were going to take it easy, run for 2 hours and not to be scared.

"not to be scared" ? As soon as he said that, I got scared. He's a seasoned runner, I don't want to look like a slow loser and I absolutely don't want to ruin his workout because I can't keep up. I decided to be a little scared and make sure to get rest, fuel and all my other stuff together to make my run with him was pleasant.

This morning, I left my house at 5:45am and jogged over to the Nature Reserve. When I got there, Earnie was gone. I guess I was late and he left with out me. (mental note, be on time!!)

So I ran around the canyon by myself, it was difficult because it was dark and hilly but the weather was nice and the view was amazing (once the sun came up). I ended up doing 13 miles.

Earnie and I made another date for next week, this time I'll make sure to be early.

workout with friends or alone?
Do you get to appointments on time? early? late?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Target Find

This morning I took a rest from running and instead did 100 push ups and 100 squats while watching The Today Show. Tonight I plan on doing a few crunches and stretching.

I think cross training is just as important as running so I'm trying to do a few sessions a week to make sure my muscles stay strong. It's hard to do it on your own though!! When I had a gym membership it was a lot easier to schedule a class in to my day. Now, I feel like there is something else that always beats squats/lunges/crunches or I just get distracted.

Speaking of distractions, yesterday I went to Target to get the new Jason Aldean CD. It's on sale for $8.99!!! and I can't go to Target without checking out the sale racks.

Jason Aldean

I found a couple of cool stuff. Like this shirt for $3.88 and 2 other ones (similar style in blue and neon  pink) I'm not really picky about what I sweat in and since I had to throw stuff away constantly  (because they start to smell, of the get stained) I'm all about paying $3

I also found some yoga pants and running tights for $6. I don't really like to run in yoga pants because they are usually long, but these were just my size. I was skeptical about the running tights because they are tight-- none of that flare leg thing. It scares me a little because I'm super insecure about my legs but for $6, I thought I should give them a try. 

They also had shorts ($8) and sport bras ($11) but I thought they were too expensive, but still a good deal. I'll wait for the next price markdown. 

Target or Walmart? Walmart, but Target has really good deals on cute workout/ regular clothes.

Where do you get your running clothes from?

Any country music fans?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nike Women's Marathon 2012 REVIEW

I wanted to do a quick review of the race itself.

1) Getting In:: This race is a lottery. You can sign up as a group with a bunch of friends, and if any of your names gets pulled out of a hat, you're all in. The cost is 150$ for the the half, $175 for the full. I have done this with a group and luckily, have gotten in.  You can also fund-raise and run with a Team in Training. I think there is a minimum about of money you must raise, but all the profits go to the Leukemia and Lymphomia Society. You can also sign up as a college student, the entry fee is less ($75).

2) The Expo:: The expo tent is set up in Union Square across from Nike Town. Nike Town was full of people purchasing NWM12 memorabilia. I only went in there to use the restroom. Didn't buy anything. I got to the expo early Saturday moning, and there was no wait. I walked in, grabbed my bib and walked out. There were no exciting free goodies (at least that I saw). There was a Nutrogena station where they were doing makeovers, a Nuun tasting area, Safeway handing out trail mix, Luna bar samples, a bunch of Nike products on display and I think you could try out the Yurbuds.


3) The RACE:: This year was way better than last year. For one, they had corrals set up and there was security checking while people walked in. However, once inside the corral  people were able to push their way closer to the front. It was a lot less contested, but there were still a lot of slow runners/walkers in the way.

IMG 5005

The first half of the race had really good support and volunteers at the aid stations. Lots of people handing out water and Nuun at every other mile. (It could have been every mile, I don't remember). At mile 6, 12 and 18 they had Block Shots. The bar of shots was cut in half which made it really easy to eat. They also had miniture luna bars at a few stations. I also saw a good amount of port-o-potties and aid stations in the first half. The first 13 miles were pretty quite, no real cheering crowd, few entertainers, I think I was more entertained by people watching and by checking out the view. Once we split from the half marathoners, the course was dead, no crowds, fewer runners, pretty dead. After we ran out of the Golden Gate Park and down to the lake, I didn't really see any signs of a race going on. There were 2 water stations, a group of kids cheering in the last 6 miles. More importantly, there was no chocolate mile!! I was super bummed about not getting ANY chocolate this whole weekend.


4) The After Party:: After crossing the finish line you are immediately handed a space blanker and a water, in my case, 2 because I was dying. They had bagels, bananas and luna bars (only one per person, WTH!). They also hand you a finishers tee and the infamous Tiffany's necklace. Within the finisher's area there were people handing out water, safeway was handing out chocolate milk, there was coconut water and Nuun. Nitrogena had a booth set up to clean yourself up and had sample sunscreens to give away. I did't make it to the back, but they had a photographer taking pictures of the finishers with the cute firemen.

IMG 4997

In the end, this years race was better organized than last years. It was too crowded (but that was expected) and lacked a little support in the last 10 miles. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was an improvement, the course was still beautiful and killer and the necklace was .... Tiffany's. I hope I can do it again next year!

IMG 5011

Clipper Nation... and a mishap with clippers

This morning I went on a 5 mile run. The plan was to go slow. I felt ok, my quads are still super tight and a little sore. I didn't stretch well, so I have to remember to do that tonight.

It's super early to be thinking about another marathon, but I am. I'm planning Operation Jack Marathon for December 26 (Merry Christmas to me!). It's a local race and all the profits go towards Train for Autism. Pretty sweet.

I still haven't figured out my training schedule for the next few months but this Saturday I'm going on a 2.5 hour run with a co-worker who has run over 145 races in the past 30 years. I already warned him I'm sore and slow.

Last night Anthony and I went to a Clipper game against Utah Jazz. I forgot my camera so no pictures. It's preseason so nothing amazing happened and staple center was half empty and we sat in the nose bleed sections but it was a really close game. Clippers were down 14 points before the half and came back to win it by 2 points. I think Blake Griffin scored  half of the clippers points, yeah, he's a beast.

Speaking of clippers, (haha, lame transition) this morning I tried to trim my bangs. It was just a little trim and I couldn't muster up the time or the cash to make an appointment. Totally should have made the appointment because now my bangs are so uneven, I can't help but laugh at my impatient and terrible DIY talents.

Do you cut your own bangs? 

Basketball fan?  I am!!! Boston Celtic fan living in LA. Woot Woot.

It's only October but are you thinking of Christmas already!?!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

transformation happens, change occurs

I realize that I have said that Nike Women's Marathon and Wounded Warrior Half were not my best races. And it's true, I didn't fuel correctly (NWM) and I was sick (WWH) so I didn't perform the way I wanted. But I shouldn't say that they sucked, because looking at them with a positive mindset, I did great. 

Wounded Warrior Half Marathon (September 15)
- I ran the fastest half marathon to date. 
- I wasn't sure if it was true, but yesterday I got conformation (via a certificate and a $10 gift card) that I won first place in my age group in the Half Marathon 
- I was not sore the next day, and got right back on my training plan. 

NWM (0ct 14)
- 20 miles under 9min/mile (15 @ 8:30) -- this is crazy for me to wrap my head around. 
- Fastest full marathon.
- Confidence to know I would have done better if I had fueled properly
- lesson learned: eat well before, during and after races
- Not dying of pain or soreness. Ran 4 miles 2 days after with no problem. 

Overall, I think I am doing pretty darn good and it's time for me to stop focusing on the negative and embrace all the accomplishments. Training for months was difficult, but everyday I laced up my shoes and went for a run, it might not have been perfect but gave it my all. I'm starting to see myself transform as a runner and that's encouragement enough to keep going. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Five awesome things

 Nike Marathon

Five is my favorite number and this was my fifth marathon so I thought I should share five things about marathon #5. 

IMG 5005

1. I was supper jittery about this race. It was a hard course with tons of killer hills but I am super proud of myself for keeping an 8:30 minute/mile pace. At mile 20, at was at 2hours:40 minutes and I thought I might break sub4, so I pushed a little harder. and this happened….

2. I got SUPER dizzy at mile 24. so dizzy, I had to pull off to the side and try not to fall over and cry from how angry I was for not being able to keep going. I jogged the rest of the way, and finished at 4:11. I totally had this sub4 thing. 

3. I found my parents after the race, and  I told my mom what happened (in between tears- crazy how she understood haha) and she suggested my blood sugar got low. She made me sit and eat a banana, I still felt terrible but I was able to stand up and stop by the sponsor booths to pick up some free stuff. (chocolate milk, coconut water, tons of luna bars, and a full size nutrogena facial cleanser! score!)

4. Another lesson learned, eat well the day before a race. On saturday my parents and I did a little sightseeing and I had a bread bowl as a late lunch. Come dinner time, I was still full and tired so I skipped dinner and was in bed by 8pm. The next morning, I had a tiny 100 calorie gatorade chew. During the race, I had a full cliff blocks and some nuun. I know, that's a real small amount of food for so much effort.

4. The course was beautiful, hilly and amazing. I wasn't sure about the hills but all the hill workouts paid off because they were totally doable. This race is super congested but it is so much fun, t would do it all over again and hopefully I will get a shot at redemption next year. 

IMG 4977IMG 4988

5. The final results were a little disappointing. Last night I was super bummed. This morning I woke up and decided to focus on the good things. This marathon didn't go like I wanted, but there are tons of races to come :)
  1.  I ran an awesome, strong race, I know I can break sub4 and I will
  2. I learned about proper fueling. Nutrition is so important. 
  3. The race was hard, but the whole time I thought about how awesome it was. I love running, 
  4. The past three months of training were worth it (30 minute improvement from March, 15 minutes from my previous Personal Record (PR) last November)
  5. I had a great weekend with my parents. I'm glad they were there to take care of me post race. 
oh yeah, and this little thing….

IMG 4997

IMG 4991
IMG 5011

Friday, October 12, 2012

SF bound and goals

I arrived at my parents house in Dinuba last night and haven't been doing much since then, just chatting with my mom.

I'm headed to SF tomorrow morning with my parents. They couldn't pass us a night in SF, or the opportunity to  cheer me on :)

I've got all my gear laid out and packed  (Garmin charged: check!)

1) run a smart race. I haven't been feeling too confident, and I'm nervous. I want to run smart, listen to my body and hopefully the months of training will pay off.

2) Don't hold back. Just because I'm feeling off or scared shouldn't be an excuse to take it easy. I feel like I'm contradicting myself but I want to do my best, run hard while listening to my body but not over exerting myself. Stay close to the 9mi/mile pace.

3) have fun. SF is beautiful, I love sightseeing while running. Plus, there will be tons of energy from the marathon itself, I want to enjoy it all!

Perfect Storm Goal: 3:59:59! I have heard this is a really hard race to PR in because of all A) Hills and B) all  the people. Last year the race didn't have corrals so there was a mix of runners, joggers and walkers I had to get around, so it was difficult to get around the crowd.


Do you set goals for yourself?

What do you do to overcome stress?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 more days.... eek!

556477 438251732879955 2123565182 n

3 more days! I'm getting so nervous. This morning I went out for 4 easy miles and it was rainy in S.Cal. I ran even slower because I was afraid of tripping or slipping in the rain. Luckily, i didn't.

Unluckily, I'm suppose to work with my PI on my thesis today until late, and then I'm driving to Dinuba tonight. My parents are coming with me to SF, we are heading to SF on Saturday.

I'm really glad they are coming with me that way my dad can drive, my mom can make sure I hydrate adn eat, they can stalk me, take pictures and cheer me on as I try not to die on this marathon.

I'm so nervous and antsy (and scared)!!! EEEK!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

virology exam and a little run

I had a virology exam tonight, and since I've been overwhelmed with my thesis, I didn't' study much. 

I devoted a whole four hours this afternoon. I know, I know, terrible student. Luckily, a lot of what we have covered so far is review from Immunology so I already felt familiar with a bunch of stuff. The exam was a little bit of a challenge but i think i did well, given the circumstances. I hate being overwhelmed and can't give everything 100%. I guess, that's when you have to learn to prioritize 

Today I did a few easy miles and made sure to ice. I went out without my garmin, not sure how fast (or slow) i was going but the pace felt pretty good. Overall, I felt pretty good, except I'm getting more really nervous about the marathon. Part of me wants it to be over all ready! but I know it's important to  

Monday, October 8, 2012


The Nike Women's Marathon is this Sunday, so this week is all about taking it easy.

I did an easy 6 miles today. I almost did my usual 7 mile loop, but I had to remind myself of the game plan. It's always hard for me to run lower mileage. I just feel like if I'm going to get dirty and sweaty, might as well make it a hard/long workout.

I'm starting to get really, really nervous. I'm super paranoid and worried that every ache is a big deal. (PS. my ankle feels funny when I put all of my weight on it. I'm icing like my life depends on it.) Hopefully the jitters wear off soon.

For the past few months, I've been doing a lot of mileage and cross training at the same time, and consequently eating whatever I wanted.  I felt like I was in pretty good shape. In August my gym membership expired and I haven't kept up with the push ups/ lunges,  my mileage decreased but I've still been eating like I was in the peak of training. I've noticed a little more softness in my abs and arms. I realize that I'm still healthy, but it annoys me that I haven't kept up my fitness, been eating healthier and that this whole thing makes me feel insecure. Luckily, I caught it in time and I will be making a few modifications to my diet. I'm okay with it though, because training for Surf City Marathon starts in 2 weeks.