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Marathon- 3:53:50 * Half Marathon 1:45:35

Surf City    02/2013

I've always been an athlete and I've been running since elementary school. During summer breaks, I would try to beat boredom by running laps at the local track. 

I ran my first race in 2010 and fell in love with the sport. I'm an average runner, I'm still learning about the sport and working towards improving my fitness. I don't always L-O-V-E every mile and some days I do H-A-T-E getting out the door. Running is a big part of my life, and I'm enjoying all the ups and downs that come with training, running and recovering. 

Camarillo Half    01/2013

My Running Resume:


2011- 4:29:11 (Mar), 4:30 (Oct), 4:12 (Nov)

2012- 4:31:34 (Mar), 4:07 (Oct)

2013- 3:53:50 (Feb)

Half Marathon:

2010- 2:15 (Dec)

2011- (Apr), (Dec)

2012- 1:55 (Feb), 1:52:15 (Aug), 1:51:26 (Sept), 1:54 (Nov), 1:45:40 (Dec), 1:50 (Dec)

2013- 1:49 (Jan), 1:48:08 (Jan)

NWM   10/2012

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