Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a sick day

Tuesday is speed day. And like always, I wasn't jumping out of my bed to get it done. Plus, I woke up with a little annoying headache and sore throat. That ALMOST made me stay in bed. I didn't want to get up, but I told myself I could do an easy run instead of sprints. 

I ended up doing 4 "fast" miles with walk breaks. I say "fast" because they weren't. I was trying but it was hard. My legs were moving but my throat and chest were not game. I did 4 miles under 7:30 min/mile and I was pretty impressed given the circumstances. 

I felt terrible for the rest of the day. Sick and achy and like my throat was on fire. 

Wednesday is rest day. It couldn't be more perfect that I lay in bed all day since my head and throat are still bugging me and I couldn't sleep a wink last night. 

Lost of tea and daytime tv for this gal. 

Does a sick day get you out of a workout?

Best day time tv show to watch?

Favorite tea?

Monday, February 25, 2013

arts and crafts, bowling and running

The weather has been really nice lately. On Saturday I ran 13.5 miles. On my way up the hill I ran into a local running group. There were about 7 people in their group and I found myself in the middle of their run.

((The path up and down the hill is a little compact. There really is only one sidewalk on the street. The other end has a really narrow space which is not really ideal especially with traffic.))

While I  was crashing their party,  I got to talk to a few of them  and I learned that they were training for the LA Marathon and they usually get together weekly to train for a race or just run. The gentleman I was speaking to invited me to join them on their next run.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some arts and crafts. The Galaxy support group, ACB, were woking on a giant tifo for opening day next weekend.

It was perfect weather, sunny but cool, for an outdoor activity.

After church on Sunday, Anthony and I went  bowling and then to Yogurt Land. Perfect afternoon. I haven't been bowling in such a long time and I had such a fun time.

(sorry, I can't upload pictures. the internet is being lame. later. )

This morning I woke up late but still went out and did 7 miles. I didn't wear my garmin but it felt like a hard and kinda-fast run.  I came home and iced my knees because lately they have been feeling a little sore.

How was your weekend?

Last time you went bowling? 

Did you watch the Oscar's last night? No, i didn't

Thursday, February 21, 2013

adventure run on the horizon

all the squats and lunges did a number on me yesterday. This morning, I was sore. 

Thursday workout is now Hills workouts. Today went ok, I was a little sore from my at-home Wednesday WOD but I was able to do all 10 hill repeats. 

I got this really cool email this morning. 

Have Fun, Get Crazy, Score Big! Completely Free! RoadRunnerSports Adventure Run!
When does the Free Run Start?

This adventure run is sponsored by Road Runners in Torrance. I think Road Runners at various locations do events like these often. You have to check with them for the exact dates and times.

I've never been to an adventure run at Road Runners but I'm excited to try this one out.

Plus, the beer garden is hosted by Stone Brewery. EEKK!!

I'm not a beer fan but Anthony loves Stone so I'm going to bribe him to come with me.

Ever been to an Adventure Run?

Beer fans? Stone fans?

Whens the last time your at home workout left you sore?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

rain at the soccer game

Yesterday (Tuesday) was rain. I woke up knowing it was speed work day and I hate getting up for those workouts. I got myself dressed and walked outside and it was sprinkling. I ALMOST ran back inside. But, I have been having a rough time getting motivated and knew quitting before the workout even started wouldn't help, so I jogged over to my 800 meter stretch and got started. 

It sprinkled/ rained the whole time. It wasn't the fastest 800 meters sprints. I felt slow and weak. But, I finished the workout. 6X800 at an average of 3min 40 sec

This morning I did a little workout in my living room. Wednesdays are non-running days but I use that time to strength train since I'm not going to CrossFit anymore and I miss it [my month trial is over :( ] I tried to incorporate a little WOD into my routine. 

Warm up:


The Galaxy season has been over for 2 months (Dec 1st was the championship game) and last night was the last pre-season game before the regular season starts up again in March.

This is also the first game we've been to since the playoffs so it was really nice to see all our friends. 

The team played the Tijuana Xolos. I don't really keep up with teams or leagues, but the Xolos won the championship in the  Liga MX (Mexican Soccer League) so they are a good team.  

It was a fun night. It rained, then it rained harder. The wind was crazy. However, the Galaxy dominated the entire game and won 6-2. 

FYI all Valentine's candy and other goodies are 75% off at Walgreens. 


Do you wait until holiday stuff goes on sale to stock up?

Attend any pre-season games? what sport?

Share your at home workout routine-

Monday, February 18, 2013

weather 180

This weekend's long run was 12.8 miles. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze, perfect for trying to climb hills.

I'm not really training for anything, but I do want to keep my milage up in case there is a full marathon in the near future. I want to strong baseline and not have to start from 0. Plus, my fitness goal is to fit enough to run a strong half marathon without any warning.

Today, the weather made a complete 180 and it was windy, gloomy and cold this morning. In contract to Sunday, I wore a full snow suit for my 7 mile run.  (jk, but I was wearing a cold gear top)

My Weekend:

Anthony and I went to the Scotsfest at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

It was a little windy and I used my scarf as a blanket. I know the color combo is impressive. 


 Is the weather crazy where you live?

How are you spending your 3-day weekend?

Friday, February 15, 2013

morning decisions

Yesterday's hill workout definitely did some work on my calves. This morning, I woke up, step out of bed and definitely felt the soreness as I hobbled to the restroom.

I'm pretty sure that soreness= easy run.

**Ok, tangent.  Now that I don't have a training plan, deciding the workout for the day is a million times more difficult. I seriously waste a good 10 minutes deciding what to run--

    "should I do 5 or 6?"     "fast or slow"   "should I run left or right"    "music, no music?"

Anyway, after standing at the end of the driveway, contemplating the very serious decision of which direction to run in, I decided 6 would do. I really did think easy, but my body was saying fast. I ran the first 3 miles pretty fast, no data recorded but I felt my lungs and legs work overtime. After that, I decided to do the whole thing kinda fast and kept pushing.

I've been craving a good shopping spree. I can almost smell spring on the horizon and that means I need some cute dresses. and money.

Are you a good decision maker?

How often do you go shopping? I'm not much of a shopper but I love dresses and spring/summer clothes.

Excited for the 3-day weekend? plans?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Hill Workout

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

I know that Valentine's day is a made up holiday by Hallmark, blah blah, I don't care. I love all the sappy and cheesy goodness associated with it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. and tons of chocolate :)

Wednesday. rest from running. 50 burpees, 100 squats, 50 sit-ups.

Today. hill repeats 10X

I haven't done this workout in a while. There is a steep hill by my house, it's almost hidden behind a school. I would estimate it's 500 meters long. I run up as fast as I can (which is not fast at all, since its so steep) and jog down as a cool down.

Then I washed my car. Which should count as a workout.
Any Valentine's Day plans?

Favorite Valentine Day treat? Chocolate strawberries.

Runners: how often do you do a hill workout?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I never really gave hydration a lot of thought until I started to train to run a sub4 marathon. I read a lot about staying hydrated during the race and experimented with different energy drinks. 

My biggest problem or concern was drinking too much.  When I'm tired, hot and thirsty I had a tendency to gulp down water and then I would feel too full to keep running strong. 

Also, I sweat a lot, which means I'm losing a lot of sodium so I needed a energy drink that would replenish all the sodium and electrolytes I was losing. 

Tips on staying hydrated: (all day not just while exercising)

  • Drink fluids throughout the day and before/during/post workouts. Maintaining a good hydration status on a daily basis by staying a step ahead of dehydration is the best approach.
  • Waiting until you are thirsty to drink fluids is too late – you are already dehydrated and you’ll find yourself constantly playing the game of catch-up!
  • Each day try to consume half your body weight (in pounds) in liquid ounces PLUS what you sweat out in training (your sweat rate). For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should aim to consume 75 ounces of water or electrolyte drink per day plus losses that occur during workouts.

    I tried NUUN after reading about it on Once Upon A Lime  and spotting it at my local running store. Each tube sells for about $5. I really like the fruity flavors and at the citrus flavors are really refreshing, great for summer. 

  • Packed with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugars or carbs, and portable, Nuun Active Hydration is the perfect sports drink.
  • The electrolytes found in Nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently.
  • NUUN ACTIVE HYDRATION comes in 11 flavors: Banana, Orange, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, Tri-Berry, Grape, Tropical, and Citrus Fruit.

    First of all, it is really good. It's light and refreshing and makes drinking water feel luxurious. The tubes come with 12 tabs that dissolve in 16 oz of water. The tablet dissolves fast and without a gritty or chalky taste. I tried other drink tabs (GU and Gatorade) and I definitely noticed that lack of chalky taste in NUUN compared to the others. 


    Active Ingredients
    Sodium (carbonates)
    Potassium (bicarbonate)
    Magnesium (sulfate)
    Calcium (carbonate)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B2
    360.0 mg
    100.0 mg
    25.0 mg
    12.5 mg
    19.0 mg
    500 mcg
    I have been trying them for a few months now. The day before a big race, I try to stay hydrated and drink a few water bottles throughout the day. I can honestly say I feel hydrated during the race. Before Surf City, I had 8 oz before the race and never really felt thirsty. I had a few sips of water/ gatorade during the race and I felt great. 

    Like I said, I sweat a lot so I'm always looking to replenish sodium and this product has a ton (on average 300mg), which helps me prevent muscle cramping during long runs. 

    plus a bunch of needed electrolytes. 

    Because I love them so much, I'd like to do a little giveaway. Leave me a comment about your hydration ritual, favorite drink or anything else and you could win free NUUN. Giveaway ends Friday 2/15/13. 
    The opinions are all my own and not affiliated with NUUN. 

sprints and pets

My long run on Saturday morning was an easy 11 miles.

Sunday. <rest>

Monday. 7 miles.

Tuesday. 6X800 sprints @ 3:32

The weather has been really nice, a little cool and perfect for hard running. The thing is, I haven't really felt like running hard. Running slow has been a challenge. I don't know what the deal is, my body feels ok, I'm just haven't been super excited about running right now-which is totally fine. Today, things shifted and my sprints were awesome. My legs hurt from the sprints but it brought back a much needed runner's high. but it may have been the answer to getting over my runner's slump.

I wanted to share my weekend with y'all. I know, this is really late, but bear with me.

Saturday night we went to dinner and a show at Sevilla in Long Beach. I was excited because I spent a semester in Spain and really loved it. This place was ok, the food was below average but it was a fun night. The flamenco dancing was really cool. The sangria was just like I remembered it, strong.

Sunday morning we went to church. After, we made an unexpected stop at Reptile Finders in Lomita. We left with this little gal… 

It's a leopard gecko and the sales guy told us it was a girl. We also left the store with a habitat setup. 

I really like reptiles. In all honestly, I'm a little scared of them, but I think they are awesome. They remind me of mini- dinosaurs. I think reptiles are a good balance for me, they are cool but they stay in their cage and are low maintenance.  I have a tortoise and she's lovely. 

I'm not a fan of other kind of pets; cats scare me, fishes are boring, dogs I can handle (if they are well behaved and super cute).

Do you have a pet?
Ever seen a flamenco dance?

Ever been in a workout slump- tips on getting out?

Friday, February 8, 2013

shake out run

Post published on: Tuesday 2/5/13

On Sunday I took rest and recovery very seriously, I think I took 2 naps while watching the Super Bowl and wore my compression socks and sweatpants all day. And I also gave myself a very painful massage with The Stick and foam ruler. 

The Stick is a painful little tool that I received as a Christmas gift from my sister. Its like using a rolling pin on your muscles but it totally loosens you up.

Monday after the marathon I felt pretty good. I think it was because of the compression/ stick combo. My legs were a little stiff but not super sore. I didn't go for a run simply because I know better, recovery is important and I need to give myself a break.

I did go to CrossFit. The WOD wasn't endurance based and I thought I could do it without hurting myself. The workout consisted of finding your max weight for the deadlift, back squat and push press. I challenged myself but was still conscience of my body and the way my legs were feeling. 

This morning I did a slow 6 mile jog/walk. I jogged for 2 miles and walked for 1/2 for a total of 6 miles. This little workout took a long long time. Good thing I had the time for this leisurely shake out run. 

I feel a lot better today. It still feels uncomfortable to squat or do a toe touch but considering I ran a marathon 2 days ago, I feel pretty amazing. 

Weird thing; I'm already thinking of doing it again ??? which is crazy because at mile 19, I told myself "never again"
Suggestions for my next marathon?

Do you have to limit your allowed time to workout?

Do you like to lift heavy stuff? I'm not 

a little motivation

yesterday: 7 slow, easy miles.

today: same 7 miles, this time a little quicker.

Now that I don't have a race coming up I feel a lot less motivated to get up early and get my running shoes on. This morning, I stalled and finally made it out the door at 8am. That's late, considering sometimes I'm already back by that time.

Also, I'm still using the "i just ran a marathon, i'm taking it easy" excuse. Which is true, and I should be but I should also be getting back into my normal schedule.

I know that I need a little motivation or a goal to get me excited about running so I'm looking for a big race (half marathon) to run this Spring. I'm thinking aiming for a new PR with a time of 1:40. My most recent PR is 1:45.

Other ways to get motivated are:
1. new gear
2. change things up (change your workout)
3. encourage/ workout with others
4. just get it done. you'll feel better after

I'm not sure about another FULL Marathon this year, maybe I'll do the Nike Women's Marathon again but other than that I don't have any idea.

Tips on getting motivated??

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surf City Marathon REVIEW

The Surf City Marathon is held every Super Bowl Sunday in Huntington Beach, CA aka Surf City. The race consists of a full marathon and a half marathon. I ran and will review the full marathon.

Getting in:  I'm not sure how much the price of the half or marathon are. But like every race, the price goes up as the race day approaches. I signed up before October when I was debating running the LA Marathon or Surf City. I picked Surf City because $90 beats $150.

The Expo: The set up is really cute. The race theme is surf boards so they put up a lot of surf-inspired decorations. The bib pick up was pretty fast. I went Saturday morning (10am) and the crowds weren't that bad. After you pick up your bib and t-shirt, you walk though a bunch of vendors and some free samples. I didn't really grab a lot of stuff, I did buy some NUUN. I love this stuff, I'll write a review later :)

The Start: The full started at 6:30 (the half at 7:30), I'm glad that they had separate start time because then the races didn't interact until the very end.  I like this b/c less congestion at the start. I also loved that they had a 2 minute space between corral starts. That was awesome! It allowed for like 1K runners to take off at a time instead of 10 million. 
2011-surf-city-marathon-course-map-1The course: The course started off really good. We ran through the city of HB and then made our way to PCH. Take a look at the map, mile 10 runs North until mile 12 where you make a U-turn. Then at mile 15 1/2 you turn around and go North until mile 20 and then you come back South for the final 6 miles. I'm not a fan of out- and back courses. They are mentally tough!                                    There were tons and TONS of race support and middle school cheerleaders. I loved all the young enthusiasm.                                      There was also a lot of water stations. Probably too much for my liking but I'm glad I could count of them showing up every mile. 

The Finish: The full and half finished together so there was tons of people making their way through the tunnel. It was quite a walk before I saw water. I grabbed one from the medics on the side. I saw Monica from Run eat repeat, said hi and kept walking to get my medal and find a place to sit.

Overall, I really enjoyed the race. I think it was fun and ran really smooth. I like all the volunteers and spectators. The course is pretty flat, I'm not a fan of the last 10 miles of the course but that's not a deal breaker, I'd run it again.  

This is a cute picture we took at the expo!

SUB4 or die

If you remember back in October, I was pretty sure I was going to break four hours at the Nike Women's Marathon. 

Well, stuff happened and I didn't get enough fuel and I finished at 4:11. It was a hard loss and definitely  defeating. I signed up for the Surf City Marathon to redeem myself. Last week, I was starting to feel worried and not so confident in myself. Plus,  I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to break 4 hours.  (Plus, I had already announced it to everyone!!!)

Saturday night, I left a friends baby shower early and went to bed at 9pm. I was totally scared and almost talked myself into running an easy marathon without my garmin (I'm glad I didn't). That night I couldn't sleep and was up at 4am to head over to Huntington Beach. 

Can you see the lack of sleep in this pre-race pic? ( I also wore this shirt on my 1st SUB4 attempt)

I told myself, "run an 8:30 pace for the first 13 miles". I knew that I could do that and felt good at the start so I decided to give it a try. I know that this isn't a great pacing strategy and I really want to work on that, but in the moment I felt like running a strong 1/2 would be a great confidence booster. 

After mile 13, I told myself to get to mile 15 at this same pace. I still felt ok, I felt tired but I still had some gas left and there was only a slight tingle in the back of my thigh. 

Mile 15-20. I told myself I could slow down a little, but nothing over 9 min/mile. It worked but it was so hard after mile 18. Mile 17- 24 was an out and back. The first part was a mental challenge, coming back was a little easier since I already had seen some of the landmarks. 

Mile 20-26 were slow. I was probably running 9:40 min/mile. My legs were screaming. I wanted to stop and sit down, but I knew then it would take me longer to finish. I played more and more mind tricks with myself, basically bribing myself to get to the next mile (with a pair of crossfit shoes, never running a marathon again and a BIG 7/11 slurpee) or physically forcing myself to move one foot in front of the other. 

At mile 24, I looked at my watch and noticed I still had 20 minutes to spare. I told myself to keep moving because it was almost done, 2 miles in 20 minutes. I could do it!

and I did!

My time splits:

3 Mi:25:56 Pace: 8:39
6 Mi:51:10 Pace: 8:32
Half:1:51:54 Pace: 8:33
15 Mi:2:08:07 Pace: 8:33
20.9 Mi:3:01:22 Pace: 8:41
24 Mi:3:32:36 Pace: 8:52