Tuesday, November 13, 2012

shin pain and a sweet deal

Today I wanted to do a tempo run under 9 min/mile. I felt OK after my rest day yesterday but I am still nervous about my shin.

Around mile 2, I started to feel a little pressure on my shin so I stopped and stretched. I noticed a huge not on the outside of my shin and it freaked me out a little. If I massage it, it feels pretty tight. I ran pretty easy for the next 4 miles and then picked it up for the final 3.

My shin feels really tight at the beginning of my runs but the pain fades once I'm warmed up. During the day, it feels tight and a little uncomfortable when I stretch the area. I'm not sure what's going on. I am going to do a quick Google search for treatments and stretching suggestions.

Have you ever tried the name your price option on Priceline.com?? My friend is getting married in San Diego and I would rather spend the weekend over there than trying to drive back home after the party.  I just tried it. I was nervous I was going to get a room at a cheap or far hotel. Luckily that didn't' happen and I think I got a pretty good deal, $90/night for a 4-star hotel (the same hotel she suggested guest stay for $135/night).

I'm going to Google things to do in San Diego. Any suggestions? I heard there is a running shoe outlet out there, I will definitely need to check that out. Oh, and they have tons of breweries, I'm sure Anthony will drag me to a few.

I've only been to San Diego once, I ran a half marathon and spend some time with some girl-friends. It was fun!
Have you ever been to San Diego? 

How many times a day do you Google something? 

What's a good wedding gift?

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