Monday, December 3, 2012

"table for 17 champions please"

This Saturday's crazy festivites lead to sleeping all day Sunday. To be fair, I did leave my bed to havea champions champaine breakfast with these champs.  I had a ton of food, but the waffles stand out. I wish I would have skipped everything else and just filled up on that.

Photo: Breakfast of champions!
(I got this pic from Vanessa's FB page)

Then it was back to bed. I even woke up late this morning. eh, too bad. I did a quick 7 miles. It felt good to shake out my legs after this weekend.

Then, I had to rush over to campus to get the final approval of my thesis. It's almost official. I have to drop the final produce off at the library, pay my fee and cross that task of my list.

The other task that I have been avoiding; the presentation. Ehh! I'm not looking forward to a presentation. I get crazy anxiety about talking in front of big groups/ being the center of attention/ stumbling for words/ fear of bursting into anxiety derived tears. I'll let you know how that goes.

last time....

Photo: @juninho19la beautiful! love you!!

Are you good or bad at public speaking? Tips on how to make it less scary-

Champaine brunch? yay or nay? 

Have you started Holiday Shopping? are you an early shopper or last minute?

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