Monday, January 7, 2013

11 miles after a half

Yesterday I ran the Camarillo Half Marathon. It was a flat course which is suppose to be fast? I don't know about that. I finished at 1:49 and it felt hard. I was really struggling to maintain a good pace plus my hamstring was really tight and made it difficult to get into a good rhythm.

The rest of the day was spent limping around. Anthony came over and brought me chilaquiles that his mom made for breakfast, they were delicious and super spicy. For the rest of the day, we ran some errands and watched 300 before falling asleep watching The Biggest Loser.

By the way, who else is excited that Jillian is back? OMG, I love her. I wish I could get an hour workout with her- she'd yell, I'd cry and throw up. Wow, that would be awesome.

This morning I woke up late and sore. I ran 11 slow miles in an attempt to do two long runs back to back. I've read that this is a better way of training than one mega long run (20 miles). I'm not sure if thats right. I feel like I get more out of mega long runs but in cases where I can't fit in 20 miles, the alternative is a good deal.

Have you seen 300? It's my fav.

Thoughts on The Biggest Loser?

How was your weekend?

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