Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How can I support you?

“Wellness coaching is a powerful relationship between a client and coach which explores the client’s greatest health concerns and goals, the obstacles to achieving those goals, and strategies to overcome the obstacles.”  Ellen Goldman
I wanted to share with you what I do as a wellness coach. So, what does a wellness coach do?
A wellness coach rides in on a white horse to the rescue.  Well, that’s a stretch but it sure sounds good. The Coaching Pair  But on a serious note, working with a wellness coach can prevent that kind of self-sabotaging behavior.  Having encouragement, support, and accountability provides what the client needs to walk out their plan. 

When I work with a client, we look at their desired goals and outcomes they would like to reach.  Some people are ready to dig in and attack it all…their eating, their exercise, their stress levels, etc.  Other clients want and need to take it a little slower…even one thing at a time.

Initially I do an assessment with the client to determine their goals, where they are with their current level of health and wellness and where they want to get.  How well are they sleeping?  What are their energy levels like each day?  How satisfied are they with their current weight?  How much water are they really drinking each day? After we have started the program, we talk together on a weekly basis and they are encouraged can send emails to me with questions in between calls. 

I do this work at an absolutely zero cost to the client. I want to help support and help you get amazing health results. If you are interested in my help, have questions about nutrition, running or baking, please contact me at denesse.nutrition@gmail.com

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