Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 mile recap

This morning I set out to do 7 miles at MP (under 9min/mile).

This is how it turned out: 1) 9:05, 2) 8:16, 3) 8:48, 4) 9:13 (hill), 5) 8:56, 6) 8:30 7)8:31. I'm starting to get a feel for what an 8:30 pace feels like and I really need to work on being consistent on my splits. 

On Saturday I'm doing a 20 mile long run, so from now on I'm going to focus on letting my legs rest. and stretch and ice!

Concaf Champions League Recap: Last night the LA Galaxy played in the second game of the CCL against Puerto Rico. (I'll spare you the picture, I know they all look the same). They won 4-0. It was a good game. The first goal was scored within the first 7 minutes!! The last two goals were scored with 10 minutes left in the game. The fourth goal was scored 2 minutes after the third! Talk about exciting. 

When  you work out, do you go out with a game plan? or play it by ear?

How do you recover from a hard workout or a hard day at work?

Ever been to Puerto Rico?
I haven't. It's on my Travel bucket list !!

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