Friday, August 31, 2012

Just... START!

This morning was my rest day from running. I'm taking it easy for tomorrow's long run.  Instead of running, this morning I read about running. I came across a blog, here, and stole this picture the blogger  got from runners world.

I love these two messages and wanted to share.

Photo 4

I totally agree with the first message, every day is not the same. Some days I feel really good, really fast and strong. Others I have to drag myself to finish the workout. It happens, and it's okay. It's important to understand this when you are having a hard day and remind yourself that the next workout will be 100X better.

The next message speaks for itself: Just Start. I always hear (and have been guilty of saying it): "I'll start tomorrow or on Monday". What's wrong with NOW?!?!  Most of the time, getting in the mindset is harder than the actual task or workout. So. Today. Don't think about what you will start tomorrow, instead stand up and get started TODAY!

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