Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a long line and hill repeats

Monday: 7 miles. It felt like a good shake out from this weekends long run. I didn't post yesterday because I was a little overwhelmed aka feeling dramatic. I had to stand in a 3 hour line at CSUDH because there was some f'd up stuff going on with my tuition. It was worst than standing at a DMV line followed by another DMV line and then another endlessly long line. (haha, i know, i know, i'm clever) Anyway, I get to go back today because the problem didn't get resolved :(

After that torture I went to 24hr fitness for another torture, Bodypump. My gym membership is expiring at the end of the month and I don't have the funds to renew (note: the tuition problem) so I decided to really put on the weight last night. I thought I might be overdoing it, it was so HARD. I felt really good afterwards even though my arms were still shaking 2 hours after the workout. The good news, I'm not even sore this morning, which means I should go a little harder again tomorrow.

Today, I did hill repeats. It wasn't on the schedule but I felt like I needed a hard workout and I'm avoiding  the 4X 800 repeats I was suppose to do. I did 10 repeats up this killer hill by my place, and it was amazing. My legs felt all tingly and hurt.

Do you have a gym membership? what gym?

Any tricks to keeping yourself from going crazy in long lines/waits?

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