Wednesday, August 29, 2012


People always ask me; "how can you run EVERYDAY??!?!" At this point, it has becomes a routine, like getting to work on time or having lunch. It did take some time though, I've been running for more than 10 years and it wasn't always easy.

I started thinking about when, why and where I learned exercise consistency from… 

I'm pretty sure I learned exercise consistency from my Mama. When I was younger my mom would clean, cook, take care of a family, do a thousand other things and then put in 40 hours at her job ( she still does and she's beyond amazing!!)  But before all that, she would go on an early morning jog / speed walk and get her workout in.  

In elementary school, I would sometimes join her and after school I ran cross country and track but I don't really think I was active. It wasn't until 8th or 9th grade that I started to do some form of physical activity on a daily basis; soccer, track, running or walks with my mom.

During college,  I took the whole working out to far because I thought I needed to lose weight. I worked out everyday and it became a habit. In a way, it helped me get more focused and consistent with running but it was definitely for the wrong reasons.  Over time, working out before getting the day started became normal.

I'm big on schedules.  I have to schedule everything and then cross it out. (Crossing it out makes me feel like I accomplished something) When I first started running, I had to schedule it in. I still have some kind of schedule going, but now it's my morning run is really a habit. --> wake up, brush teeth, run.

I think consistency is a good thing. It's a lot easier to just stay in shape and create an exercise habit than constantly taking breaks from working out and trying to get back in shape.  But consistency has to start somewhere. so my suggestion would be:   (* disclaimer, I'm not a professional or know anything about anything. This is just some tips that worked for me)

1. schedule it in. If you write it down, you may be more inclined to cross it off your list

2. workout in the AM. studies have shown that people are more likely to workout in the AM than after work or evenings. Plus, you get feel good endorphins to help you get through the day!!

3. Work towards a goal. You'll be less likely to blow it off if your working towards something (weight loss, an upcoming race, health results) 
Do you have a workout routine? 

How, why, when did it become consistent?

If you don't, do you want to? 

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