Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4X1mile, could have used a relay team for this one



Today I ran 4X1 mile with a mile warm up and cool down. I haven't done these before so I wasn't sure where to run. I ended up doing a loop around my neighborhood that is 6 miles. The only down side was that there was tons of traffic (people, kids getting to school & cars) and tons of traffic lights. I hit a few red lights which was good because I was huffing and puffing but bad because I didn't get a consecutive mile in. 

I was aiming for under 8mi/mile. I have so much work to do on keeping my pace consistent. Can anyone help!?      1)7:26,  2) 7:53,  3)7:55,  4) 8:02 

I felt tired, so while I was at a stop light I decided to make a conscience effort to zone in on what felt off.  Was it my legs? my lungs? my feet? my head?? Turns out it was my thighs. They felt like they were on fire and that hamstring tightness is still hanging around.

Looks like tonight I have a date with my foam roller.

In other news, I stopped by the grocery store this morning to pick up some greek yogurt. It is the best! so much yummy protein! but it made me sad that the cashier probably thought I was a hoarder because I bought 10$ worth. 
Do you get excited when it's Wednesday!?!

Do you like greek yogurt? flavored or plain?

How's the weather where you live?
Its starting to cool down in S.Cal. Today I actually felt a little bit of drizzle from the marine layer. 

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