Wednesday, September 5, 2012

speed work and a coupon!

Happy Wednesday!

Something really exciting happened to me this morning. I got a buy one get one free coupon to Yogurtland in the mail!! I was so excited I almost jumped in my car and drove over there and then I realized it's only valid September 18-24. I'm super excited for that date now!

This morning was another speed workout. I warmed up for 1.5 miles and did 6X 800's. It was sprinkling a little and I was afraid of slipping but nothing bad happened and I got a good workout in.

I noticed that my Garmin was showing the time for each 800 in this set up --> min:sec:what's after sec??

Anyway, the splits looked like this 1) 3:36:10,  2) 3:36:17,  3) 3:37:91,  4) 3:35:92,  5) 3:37:79,  6) 3:37:79
The last two felt a lot harder. My legs felt heavy, my lungs felt good. Obviously tired, but I wasn't gasping for air. Overall, I'm happy that they are consistent. I still would like to get faster. Maybe next week I'll aim for 3:15 ish.

It's times like this where I wish I was back in HS and had access to coaching advice. For the most part I read stuff and try to keep up with what they are saying but I'm not sure if it's right for me. I guess we'll find out. NWM is 6 weeks away!


Do you get advice from magazines/ internet?

Do you like Yogurtland? or is there another fro-yo spot you enjoy?

Do you use coupons?
Yes, Yes, Yes. I think they are awesome.

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