Friday, October 19, 2012

Target Find

This morning I took a rest from running and instead did 100 push ups and 100 squats while watching The Today Show. Tonight I plan on doing a few crunches and stretching.

I think cross training is just as important as running so I'm trying to do a few sessions a week to make sure my muscles stay strong. It's hard to do it on your own though!! When I had a gym membership it was a lot easier to schedule a class in to my day. Now, I feel like there is something else that always beats squats/lunges/crunches or I just get distracted.

Speaking of distractions, yesterday I went to Target to get the new Jason Aldean CD. It's on sale for $8.99!!! and I can't go to Target without checking out the sale racks.

Jason Aldean

I found a couple of cool stuff. Like this shirt for $3.88 and 2 other ones (similar style in blue and neon  pink) I'm not really picky about what I sweat in and since I had to throw stuff away constantly  (because they start to smell, of the get stained) I'm all about paying $3

I also found some yoga pants and running tights for $6. I don't really like to run in yoga pants because they are usually long, but these were just my size. I was skeptical about the running tights because they are tight-- none of that flare leg thing. It scares me a little because I'm super insecure about my legs but for $6, I thought I should give them a try. 

They also had shorts ($8) and sport bras ($11) but I thought they were too expensive, but still a good deal. I'll wait for the next price markdown. 

Target or Walmart? Walmart, but Target has really good deals on cute workout/ regular clothes.

Where do you get your running clothes from?

Any country music fans?

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