Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trail run: natures best thigh master

I had the worst night of sleep last night. It could have been because I watched an episode of Grimm where they featured "La Llorona" ( eek, childhood fear) or the fact that I was afraid that I was going to wake up late and miss my run with Earnie.

Luckily, I woke up when my second alarm sounded at 5:15am. Got dressed, gathered my stuff and headed down to George Canyon. This time I made it right on time, Earnie was still there and was getting his gear on when I ran up.

It was still really dark, Earnie had a flashlight and he told me to stay close. Before we started he told me we were going to do a "hilly and small loop ". We ran through trails, up hills, down hills, through bushes. At one point, after climbing a giant hill I looked at my watch to see how much distance was covered, I would have guessed we were at 8 miles but my watch said 4.5. haha. Needless to say, it was difficult.

I had a good time, Earnie was very nice and made sure to check on me. He showed me his favorite running trails and kept me engaged by trying to keep me talking. The hills are killer, my thighs and calves were in so much pain. I'm not use to trails either, I kept slipping on the loose gravel. I know hills are a good workout and help make build speed and endurance, so I will be doing this more often.

We only ran 10 miles and headed home. I got home changed my shoes and ate a mini-bagel and headed out for 5 more miles. I want to make sure I have the distance for the marathon I have in December.
Do you like outdoor activities like hiking, trail running?

La Llorona- did you have a weird fear about her too?

Ever get nervous or excited about an event, you can't sleep the night before?

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