Monday, November 12, 2012

LA Galaxy: western conference championship

The LA Galaxy played the first leg of the Western Conference Championships against Seattle Sounders. It was a big game so everything was more exciting that ever.

I was able to get extra tickets for my good friend Nancy and her friend to join us. They had a great time! PS. I'm trying to grow out my hair and it's reached a weird length were it looks pretty boring all of the time, plus it's thin so that makes it look even more lame. 

It was cold so I wore my little flower headhand to keep my ears warm, plus a giant jacket. I'm all about layers which makes me feel like I can have constant outfit changes throughout the night. I tried to take this picture multiple times but they weren't coming out right, so finally Anthony took it.

WE WON!!! 3-0. It was exciting, especially since 2 goals were pretty much back to back. 

The team is headed to Seattle to play the second leg of the championship next Sunday. Seattle has to score more than 4 goals to beat LA.  LA has to push the offence and get a few more goals but the focus should be defense and then were headed to the cup!
Have you ever been to a championship sporting event??

What team do you support? Is there a game you can't miss?

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