Saturday, November 17, 2012

no more shin pain

Yesterday I went out hoping my shin didn't hurt. AND IT DIDN'T.

Yay- I ended up doing 9 easy miles. I skipped Thursday's speed work and my legs were itching to run. I felt great!

This morning I ran 20 miles. I'm not feeling so great now haha.

It was actually an awesome run. I woke up late and missed Earnie but I figured I should still do the trail. I went by myself and found all the trails and did the 10 mile loop plus a little extra (I did an extra 3 miles on flat paths ) I then took the long way home for a total of 20. This week I felt better because I had fuel and stopped a few times for water.

My legs feel heavy and my knees ache but that's expected, a little R&R and my compression socks and I'll be fine.

After my run, I had to rush out because I was meeting a few friends for brunch and to discuss a group presentation. I was late (#fail).

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