Saturday, December 15, 2012

painful and glorious

I ran 20 slow, painful and glorious miles this morning. It's the last long run before Operation Jack Marathon on 12/26/12.

This marathon is completely no-pressure. It's like a training run for the real thing in February (Surf City Marathon). I still want to do well but I'm not going to stress too much about it.

The weather this morning was perfect- I was completely bundled up and it was still a little brisk. My kinda run.

I came home to a hot bubble bath. My legs were sore but I just wasn't feeling the ice bath. Plus, its my birthday weekend so….

Last night, Anthony took me out to dinner. He had a few surprises for me. But, we didn't have birthday cake :( so I'm going to do it today, still counts right?!?!

best birthday day cake flavor?

what do you consider "great weather"?

what do you describe with the words: "painful and glorious" ?

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