Monday, December 17, 2012

iphone fail

 My thighs felt really sore this weekend, so today I took it easy with 7 miles at a real comfortable speed. The weather is still pretty chilly, which I love.

Speaking of this weekend, I didn't do anything. It was awesome.

Anthony and I did walk around a cute neighborhood with tons of  holiday decorations. We had this little conversation as we were walking away from the car.

Me: oh! I forgot my camera. Should I go get it?

Anthony: Nah,  I have my phone.

Me: ok

We walk around and see a cute display with xmas trees and raindeer

Me: take my picture

Anthony: Ok. Ready?  1…2… oh! my phone just died

Me: :'(  Oh Man! why didn't I go back for my camera

This morning, Anthony sent me an email. The ONE picture he took before his phone died.

To stick with the holiday theme, here's a picture from the Holiday Half Marathon that I ran last weekend. I was wearing antlers but they fell off somewhere during the first mile.



Do you decorate your house for the holidays?

Do you carry your camera with you or do you rely on your phone?

How do you feel about the weather we have been having?

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