Thursday, December 13, 2012

races for the new year

Like always, I wasn't feeling like sprints this morning. But since they always land on Thursday and I take Wednesdays off (scheduled this on purpose), I always feel guilty about not showing up and always end up dragged myself out of bed.

Same as always, I did 6X800 with a mile warm-up and cool-down. The 800s were hard but this time they were faster!!

The sprints were at about an average of 3:33. Last time I documented my sprints, they were around 3:35-40. Yay! I don't feel like I'm going any faster during my runs, but the numbers are showing a great deal of improvement and I'm really excited about that.

So excited that I even started looking for 2013 races. I already have a few on the calendar ( Tinker bell 1/2, Surf City marathon) and a few I'm undecided about (NWM 1/2, Chicago? LA?). I wish I could sign up for tons and tons of races, but they are expensive :( so I try to pick ones that stand out in a special way. (a nice course, nice freebies, fun, friends)

Any ideas or recommendations?

I think I'm done with my christmas shopping- for the most part. Yay! I'm not a finish-stuff-last-minute kinda girl so this isn't unusual but I always get jealous of the people that still get to shop.

Are you done with your christmas shopping?

Have you made any plans for 2013 already?

What is something that you don't like to do but do it anyways?

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