Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sore legs

I am sore.

Todays scheduled run was 10 miles and 8 at a marathon goal pace. As soon as I took off, I felt tightness in the back and front of my thighs. I changed up the routine and did 10 hilly miles instead.

I came home and the handy man was in our apartment looking at some problems on the roof so I didn't ice/ stretch instead I waited for him to leave then jumped in the shower.

Hopefully, I'll remember to stretch tonight. (ha! that never happens) or at least rub some biofreeze on my achy legs.

I have been thinking about displaying my medals somehow. As of right now, they sit in a box. I kinda like this from Allied Medal Display

as far of bibs, mine are in a giant picture frame collage I got from Ikea, but it's full. I don't think I want an additional one. Instead I'm trying to think of another way to display them, maybe in a scrapbook.  

How do you display bib/medals?

Anybody still scrapbook? or do something more modern, like shutter fly?

Do you take a rest day when you are sore? I think I am tomorrow

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