Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CrossFit: Day 1

I was introduced to CrossFit in July of 2011 when I watched a class while visiting a friend in Hawaii. When I came home I looked up a gym in my area and tried it out for myself.

After a few classes, I was hooked. The only problem is that it is expensive. I looked at a few different gyms and found that the prices didn't vary by much so if I wanted to (or could afford) to incorporate CrossFit into my routine, I needed to find a gym, instructor and class that worked best for me.

I'm still searching but in the process, I came across a Living Social deal too good to pass up. A month of unlimited classes for 2 in Lomita (less than a mile from my place) for $39.

Last night, I attended my first class at CrossFit 1440. Here are my thoughts about my experience last night…

- The box is small but they seem to have plenty of equipment and resources.

- I went at 7pm which may have been a bad time. There were at least 20 people.

- I choose this time because it was marked as a "beginner" class but there were seasoned cross-fitters doing their thing alongside the beginners.

- There was one coach and he seemed to be overwhelmed. I didn't feel like I (or the beginners) got proper instruction or an introduction to crossfit. He was trying to lead the beginners and the regular class and he just seemed like he wasn't present.

- I have a lot of questions about technique and Crossfit and I felt like the instructor wasn't able to answer my questions or even take a look at my technique.

- The workout was challenging but nothing harsh.

The class was 2-part, after a quick warm-up. The first part was 500 meters of rowing followed by 10 press push. The coach told me what bar to grab and where to set it up. During the workout, I realized that it wasn't all that challenging and I should have asked for more weight. I should keep that in mind for next time.
The second part was 50 or each kettle ball squats and then jumps followed by 40, then 30, then 20, and lastly 10.

My heart was racing during the workout (mainly the rowing) but that's mainly the cardio. My muscles weren't exhausted and I'm not sore this morning which makes me think I should have had some weight.

** These are my opinions and they don't reflect Crossfit or the gym I'm trying out. **

Ever tried CrossFit?

Suggestions? Is there an amazing gym out there I should try?

Tips? Suggestions? Comments?

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