Monday, January 21, 2013

Eat my Pixie Dust

I ran the 2nd annual Tinkerbell Half Marathon. The race runs through CA Adventures, DisneyLand and then through the city of Anaheim. 

Sunday morning, I woke up at 3AM and headed towards Disneyland. I spent more time in traffic trying to get into the parking structure than I did on the freeway. The race starts at 5AM, it was still dark. 

The first few miles were really congested. There were millions and millions of people. Well, technically not millions but A LOT. I tried to take pictures throughout the race, all my pictures look like this… blurry. 

Blurry picture of Cinderella :)

The first 4 miles were in the park and slow, it was hard getting around slower walkers/ runners and settling into a nice pace. Plus, I slowed down a lot in attempts to get pictures of the park and the Disney characters, which was a massive fail since all my pictures turned out blurry. 

After mile 6 we headed out into the street and I felt confident so I speed up. The rest of the race was pretty fast, between 8:05 and 7:50 min/mile pace. Overall, I'm okay with the time. I had a fun time. 

PlaceNameBibAgeDiv PlaceGender Place5k Split10k Split15k SplitClock TimeNet TimeHometown
181DENESSE SEGURA366271811826:4352:161:17:371:50:021:48:03LOMITA, CA

The race medal is MASSIVE and super cute. Surprisingly, I was completely comfortable running in the tutu. I'm looking forward to more tutu-races. 

Ever run a Disney race?

What's your earliest wake up call? 3 AM for me. too early. 

Disneyland or CA Adventures?

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