Friday, February 8, 2013

a little motivation

yesterday: 7 slow, easy miles.

today: same 7 miles, this time a little quicker.

Now that I don't have a race coming up I feel a lot less motivated to get up early and get my running shoes on. This morning, I stalled and finally made it out the door at 8am. That's late, considering sometimes I'm already back by that time.

Also, I'm still using the "i just ran a marathon, i'm taking it easy" excuse. Which is true, and I should be but I should also be getting back into my normal schedule.

I know that I need a little motivation or a goal to get me excited about running so I'm looking for a big race (half marathon) to run this Spring. I'm thinking aiming for a new PR with a time of 1:40. My most recent PR is 1:45.

Other ways to get motivated are:
1. new gear
2. change things up (change your workout)
3. encourage/ workout with others
4. just get it done. you'll feel better after

I'm not sure about another FULL Marathon this year, maybe I'll do the Nike Women's Marathon again but other than that I don't have any idea.

Tips on getting motivated??

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