Friday, February 8, 2013

shake out run

Post published on: Tuesday 2/5/13

On Sunday I took rest and recovery very seriously, I think I took 2 naps while watching the Super Bowl and wore my compression socks and sweatpants all day. And I also gave myself a very painful massage with The Stick and foam ruler. 

The Stick is a painful little tool that I received as a Christmas gift from my sister. Its like using a rolling pin on your muscles but it totally loosens you up.

Monday after the marathon I felt pretty good. I think it was because of the compression/ stick combo. My legs were a little stiff but not super sore. I didn't go for a run simply because I know better, recovery is important and I need to give myself a break.

I did go to CrossFit. The WOD wasn't endurance based and I thought I could do it without hurting myself. The workout consisted of finding your max weight for the deadlift, back squat and push press. I challenged myself but was still conscience of my body and the way my legs were feeling. 

This morning I did a slow 6 mile jog/walk. I jogged for 2 miles and walked for 1/2 for a total of 6 miles. This little workout took a long long time. Good thing I had the time for this leisurely shake out run. 

I feel a lot better today. It still feels uncomfortable to squat or do a toe touch but considering I ran a marathon 2 days ago, I feel pretty amazing. 

Weird thing; I'm already thinking of doing it again ??? which is crazy because at mile 19, I told myself "never again"
Suggestions for my next marathon?

Do you have to limit your allowed time to workout?

Do you like to lift heavy stuff? I'm not 

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