Monday, February 25, 2013

arts and crafts, bowling and running

The weather has been really nice lately. On Saturday I ran 13.5 miles. On my way up the hill I ran into a local running group. There were about 7 people in their group and I found myself in the middle of their run.

((The path up and down the hill is a little compact. There really is only one sidewalk on the street. The other end has a really narrow space which is not really ideal especially with traffic.))

While I  was crashing their party,  I got to talk to a few of them  and I learned that they were training for the LA Marathon and they usually get together weekly to train for a race or just run. The gentleman I was speaking to invited me to join them on their next run.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some arts and crafts. The Galaxy support group, ACB, were woking on a giant tifo for opening day next weekend.

It was perfect weather, sunny but cool, for an outdoor activity.

After church on Sunday, Anthony and I went  bowling and then to Yogurt Land. Perfect afternoon. I haven't been bowling in such a long time and I had such a fun time.

(sorry, I can't upload pictures. the internet is being lame. later. )

This morning I woke up late but still went out and did 7 miles. I didn't wear my garmin but it felt like a hard and kinda-fast run.  I came home and iced my knees because lately they have been feeling a little sore.

How was your weekend?

Last time you went bowling? 

Did you watch the Oscar's last night? No, i didn't

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