Thursday, February 21, 2013

adventure run on the horizon

all the squats and lunges did a number on me yesterday. This morning, I was sore. 

Thursday workout is now Hills workouts. Today went ok, I was a little sore from my at-home Wednesday WOD but I was able to do all 10 hill repeats. 

I got this really cool email this morning. 

Have Fun, Get Crazy, Score Big! Completely Free! RoadRunnerSports Adventure Run!
When does the Free Run Start?

This adventure run is sponsored by Road Runners in Torrance. I think Road Runners at various locations do events like these often. You have to check with them for the exact dates and times.

I've never been to an adventure run at Road Runners but I'm excited to try this one out.

Plus, the beer garden is hosted by Stone Brewery. EEKK!!

I'm not a beer fan but Anthony loves Stone so I'm going to bribe him to come with me.

Ever been to an Adventure Run?

Beer fans? Stone fans?

Whens the last time your at home workout left you sore?

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