Monday, March 4, 2013

opening day

The Galaxy 2013 season started on Sunday 3/3/13.  The game was at 2 but we got there pretty early to hang out with our friends. A friend of ours gave us a free parking pass. I was really excited when I found out it was for valet parking. I had never parked valet before.

We dropped the car off and then walked up a "red carpet" towards the stadium. no lines!! Pretty sweet. 

The Galaxy hosted Chicago Fire. McGee scored 3 goals ( aka a hat trick) and Keane scored another goal for a 4-0 win. A great way to start the new season. 

I took Saturday and Sunday off from running. I went on a slow jog on Friday and it was really hard on my chest because of the cold. 

I'm still a little congested but this morning I felt 100% better, so I did 10 easy, slow miles. 


How long does it usually take for you to get over a cold? illness?

Ever parked valet or VIP?

Tailgates before the game?

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