Friday, March 8, 2013

adventure run and a slow connection

I haven't been doing a good job of documenting my workouts lately.

Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: Hill repeat 10X + 3 PM miles
Friday: 7 miles

I decided to only take one rest day a week, so I added an easy 7 miles on Wednesday. I don't feel too warn out this week so I'm thinking of doing it for a few more weeks.

I've also tried to incorporate some pushups and squats. Thursday I did 100 pushups/ squats and some bicep curls. 
Last night I went to Road Runners Sports Adventure Run. The run started at 6:30pm and the idea was to run to different destination points on a map and gather raffle tickets in 60 minutes. There were a total of 6 locations and they were pretty close to the store. 

For some reason I thought we were suppose to gather clues and figure out stuff in order to get the ticket. No, just run/ walk/ jog over there. 

This was the first Adventure run at this RRS location. There were only a handful of people and volunteers. Because it was the first time, it was a little disorganized. For example, we couldn't find the volunteer handing out tickets at one location, apparently he was in a "hard to see area near a part" ?? OK, I think it should have been more specific like "at the corner or X/Y" or "near the swings", 

After the run, there were a few giveaways. The flyer said a total of 3,000$ in giveaways. HAHA NOT THE CASE. There were a few gift certificates to an italian restaurant, gym, 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of tech socks. 

Overall it was fun. It wasn't the best time ever but I would consider doing it again.

Pictures to come soon. The internet is being sssslllloooowwww and I'm having a hard time uploading.
Any local store that puts on a good show?

Does your internet suck too? 

How many rest days do you normally take off from woking out?

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