Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good Running Form

Monday- 7 miles. Hip hurt during run.
Tuesday- X
Wednesday- slow, 7 miles. Hip hurt after run.

My hip is still hurting. I know that I need to rest and take it easy but it's really hard for me not to workout. I am taking it really slow though. This morning I decided I was going to focus on my form and that way I have to slow down and it will still feel like I'm gaining something from the run.

I've been doing some homework. Here's what I've learned and will be focusing on.

Good running form:
- tall body: feet straight ahead, soft knee, arms at 90 degree angle, arm swing not crossing body
- mid foot strike: entire foot lands softly under hip line, run light, avoid pounding
- high cadence: 180 steps/ min
- forward lean: lean forward without bending at the waist,

Benefits of good running form:
- an easier run
- reduces the chance of injury

Article from runners world here and this video are both really informative.

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