Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scandal and an article

This week I've been taking it easy with just a few runs and hopefully I won't be in a lot of pain for the half marathon on Sunday. 

My only goal for this race is to run conservatively, listen to my body and stop if it starts to hurt. 

This morning I worked out on the stationary bike for an hour and then worked on my arms. I watched an episode of Scandal on my laptop during my workout. 

I know you have heard how great this show is, but in case you haven't…. it's so zoo sooo good. It's like "gasp!! oh my"- shocker all the time. I can't get enough. 


I was reading this article on line about 'Fat Talkers' and I thought it was really interesting and relevant. Fat talking is making comments about your self about being fat. I am totally guilty of doing this. Some days I feel a little bloated and I make comments about being fat. It's not that I AM fat, I just feel like I have put on a little weight or feel bad about myself. Doing this, however, does not make me feel better or the person who has to listen to me ramble on and on. On the contrary, I feel WORSE about myself and I'm sure the person who has to listen to me probably like me a whole lot less. 

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