Saturday, February 19, 2011

" ... Couldn't be more excited to run 20 miles!!! Woohooo!!!".

My long run this week was inspired by my friend Daisy Lopez. I woke up, at 10 (yeah, I slept in!), and noticed her facebook post "  ... Couldn't be more excited to run 20 miles!!! Woohooo!!!". I pondered the thought for a while and debated the possibility of rain, but finally I dragged myself out of bed and laced up my running shoes.

So, how do I prepare for a long run?
1.  The first thing I do is make a decision about the distance. Its Saturday so I have time for a long run. Last week I ran 16 miles, can I do 20 this week? uuuhhhhh.... Yup 20 it is!
2. For a long run, (estimating more than 3 hours) I need to be hydrated and I need protein and complex carbs to help my body handle such a work out. Another reason, I love my nutrition program. I can have a quick healthy breakfast that I know will provide my body with great nutrition. I only had 1/2 a shake (chocolate :)) because I dont' want to be too full. 
3. Make sure to dress for the weather conditions! I've made this mistake many times and it sucks to be overdressed on a hot day or not warm enough on a windy day.
4. Gather my equipment. RoadID bracelet, Iphone, I filled up my hydration pack with some H30 (great for hydration!!!) and made sure to grab a protein bar in case I need it.
5. Set my GPS to track my run and I'm out the door after a quick stretch.

 I was a little nervous because I haven't attempted a run longer than 16 miles. But, this morning's run went surprisingly well. My pace started was a little faster than it should have been, but I can't help myself. Until I reached the crazy hills on 190th. They are so steep, the downhill hurt my knees and the uphill hurt my glutes. I have never been happier to see a long stretch of flat road, but today I was :) A lot of things happened, I went through a few different emotions; there were moments of pain and anguish but I was able to push through it. Overall, I felt great! I wasn't at all dehydrated. My muscles felt awesome. I wasn't even bothered by the rain. I'm so proud of my body and of what it can handle. I have to thanks my great nutrition program so providing my body with the nutrients it needs to handle all the crazy things I make it do; like run a marathon.

After my 3hour, 20 mile run I rehydrated with a protein bev mix for recovery, sat on the floor of my apartment and stretched, then jumped in the shower.

A great run!!

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