Sunday, February 20, 2011

prolessa = abs

I am so excited about my nutrition program. I have been seeing awesome health results, my energy is up and my athletic performance is on point. I have decided to experiment with my nutrition program for maximal results. I understand that I am small and I probably wont lose much weight but I really want to tone up. I want abs!!!
The game plan is to add prolessa. Prolessa is an awesome new product that helps burn fat and curve hunger. Doesn't that sounds great- lose fat. In addition, I am upgrading my basic plan to ultimate with the addition of snack defense, total control and aminogen. Snack defense is going to defend me against snacks. Which are my weakness, so I'm excited about not reaching for the potatoe chips. Total control will help keep my metabolism going and give me extra energy. and aminogen will help with the absorption of all that extra protein I'm consuming.
I am so excited about this new program and I am certain that I will be happy with my results. I will keep you updated on my progress but I'm sure that on March 20 (Marathon Day!!!) I'm going to be rocking abs from Dodgers Stadium to Santa Monica Beach.

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