Monday, August 20, 2012

an easy breezy weekend

I figured out a way to wear compression gear in the summer and not look ridiculous.  Maxi-dresses. 

now you see them, now you don't

Ideally, I should invest in compression sleeves so that I could have worn regular shoes. It's on my to do. 

On Saturday, Anthony and I went to a cross fit competition  where local clubs were competing. Anthony's friend was competing and he wanted to check it out. I went because I think Crossfit is cool. I tried a membership once and I really liked it. Its really expensive so I couldn't keep it up. When I hit the jackpot this will be how I train, forget that wimpy bodypump class. .

This weekend, LA Ports was hosting Navy Day. They had two ships on display with free tours; a Naval Destroyer and a Coast Guard Cutter George Cobb. I can't remember the destroyer's name but I was really cool.

We headed to San Pedro on Sunday after church  but before we stopped at  Beach City Market Deli for lunch.I had a local fav: the torPEDRO. It was giant and delicious.

The Navy Day tours were really fun, we got to see all the major sites, asked questions and heard some cool stories from our tour guide.

The ship in the background is the USS IOWA

It was a really interesting and a nice way to spend an afternoon. It was really warm, so after the tour we went to BK Burger King for a 50 cent ice cream cone. (The guy totally hooked me up, and gave me a massive amount of self-serve) Then we headed to blockbuster to get a movie, we watched Identity. Its old but I'd never seen it before and Anthony said it was really good. and it was!! Its a total psychological thriller and has a bunch of twist and turns. go. get. it. now..

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