Monday, August 20, 2012


My favorite way thing to do is to multitask. Especially when you have to run a boring errand. This morning, I had an easy run schedules. Which was needed, by the way, my legs felt stiff from my weekend long run massacre. Anyway, I saw that Identity (the movie we rented last night. I know, rented haha! living in the dark ages over here) was due today before 5. I knew I didn't have time to watch it again and figured I better return it before I left for work. I decided to incorporate my run into this errand and run to Blockbuster. I looked like a total geek running down the street with a dvd. haha. Anyway, it worked out great because Blockbuster is only 3 miles away from my apartment so I got a good 6 miles in.

Monday is always stressful for me. A new week, a whole lot of things to do. I'm really stressing about my Pharm School applications and have decided this week will be dedicated to finishing that task.

squat it away
I found this little thing fun because I'm going to bodypump after work today and will be doing lots and lots and lots of squats. can't wait :)

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