Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long Runs Call for Yogurtland !!!

This morning I went out for my long run. The training plan I'm following called for 18 miles. I was really negative about it… it's hot, that's too long, I'm not ready..

Before I left, I did a little stretching, gathered my gear and had half a mini bagel with PB. The run was  hard, Around mile 9 or 10, I started to doubt myself. "if i can't do 18, how am I going to do 19, or 20, of 26?!?!? I really think these are the moments that make you a tougher runner. Yes, it's hard, 18 miles is tough and 26 will be harder. But that's why I'm doing 18 today so that in October I can do 26.

I ended up sucking it up and pulled out 17.8 miles. ( I didn't map it out before I left, just eye-balled a big loop, boo) It was hard, and it was HOT but I did it.

It's cool thought, I get another chance at 18 miles next week.  I feel more positive about that distance :)

When I got home, I punished/ rewarded myself with an ice bath. It was amazing and awful at the same time.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to camouflage my compression socks in 90 degree weather and then I'm off to Yogurtland because…..

BREAKING NEWS: Kim K went to Yogurtland 3 times last week. Ok, if that's what it take to maintain a booty like hers, I'm in.

Self-service: Kim allowed herself a generous portion of strawberry frozen yoghurt and fruit.

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