Friday, August 24, 2012

Concacaf Champs League- LA WIN

Last night, Anthony and I went to a Galaxy Game. They played Isidrio Metapan in the Concacaf Champions League. From what I understand its separate from regular season MLS and it's like a tournament, once you lose you are out.

Sorry ladies, Beckham is not in this picture. The guy scratching his head is Mike Magee (my fav). 
We had a lot of fun, I especially enjoy all the chants.

The LA Galaxy won 4-2

At the end of the game, the players thank the fans.  They come really close and do a cheer with them. It's a real cool thing. Usually they are not half naked. Last night game must have been a special win. 

This morning was my rest from running. Instead I got up early and washed my car.  Also, I stretched, iced and foamed rolled for a bit.

I'm headed to the orthodontist now, I have a follow up appointment for my retainer.

Are you a soccer fan?
I am now. I didn't use to be. I still think soccer on TV is boring. Real life is way more exciting.

Do you wash your car with a water hose at your house or at a carwash?
I wash mine with a hose in the parking lot. I have to do it early before theres a lot of traffic coming in and out of the lot.

Any plans for the weekend?
attempting an 18 mile long run...  again

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