Thursday, August 23, 2012

Run plus Random Rant

Happy Thursday!

I like Thursdays, maybe because they are close to Friday.

The workout this morning, 1 warm up, 6 miles at Marathon Pace (MP). My goal right now is to run a Marathon at a 9min/mile pace which would result in a sub 4 marathon. Whenever I run MP miles, I always try to do a 8 minute pace (instead of 9) because I'm an over achiever and I just like to push myself crazy hard. ... secretly I'm hoping I'll run a Boston Qualifying time (uhm, yeah right)

Anyway, my workout looked like this: 1) w/up 10:00, 2) 9:01, 3) 8:00, 4) 7:55, 5) 7:50 6) 8:00

It was ok, I felt really stiff and mile #2 was ridiculously slower than I was aiming for.

Any who, random rant because everyone else I know thinks I'm crazy. --> what is up with guys yelling out stupid comments/ whistling or making kissing noises as they drive past me??. I hear it a lot more in the summer, probably because i'm not wearing two sweaters, sweats and a hoodie. But, hey, I'm not over exposed either. The point is; I don't find it amusing, or flattering just plain creepy. Most of the time,  the whistling or cat-calls startle me and sometimes make me speed up because I"m afraid they'll try to throw me in their shady white van.

To all men (and women) who call out of moving vehicles to runers, 
Please stop. It really freaks them out. Just let them enjoy their workout in peace. There is nothing wrong with liking what you see, but please keep it to yourself. You'll be doing yourself a favor. 

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