Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dead electronics

I guess my training schedule changed this week. I was getting used to the hill repeats but this morning, I noticed something new on my planner. 8 miles 3X1mile, which means 3 times 1 mile repeats at a really fast pace.

 I'm so irresponsible, and I forgot to charge my garmin the last time I used it, so this morning it was completely dead. 

I couldn't run the 1 mile repeats because I don't know a straight path that is once mile long. There is a school by my house but I can't find a gate to let me in. Plus, school has started and I feel a creep sneaking into the campus to use the track. I'm scared there will be some kind of misunderstanding and I will be arrested on charges of pedophilia. 

Anyway, instead I ran 8 miles and in path there is a shorter path I know is 3 miles, so I ran fast for that section and ran the rest at a above comfortable pace. My knee's are a little achy so I'm going to ice and stretch.. 

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