Friday, August 31, 2012


Normally, I don't really worry too much about what I'm eating. For the most part I have a healthy diet with lots of veggies, fruits and proteins (and candy of course). But the day before a long run I usually try to eat well and not to heavy. 

I have had a few instances where I ate too much the night before and felt uncomfortably full the next day. Today, I'm trying a new pre-run diet and we'll see how I feel during my run tomorrow. 

For Breakfast I had a Herbalife cookies and milk shake. I love this stuff. It's easy, nutritious and effortless. For lunch I had an egg sandwich with ham and green beans. Lately, I've been digging the egg sandwiches. 

I stopped by Road Runners to pick up my bib for Conquer the Bridge in San Pedro on September 3. 

I got a coupon for 20% off any purchase and bought some more fuel. Energy gels. I bought a bunch of new flavors and jelly bean sport beans. I'm excited to try the jelly beans.

Gu: PB,  Mint Chocolate, Jet Blackberry, Tri-Berry, Chocolate Outrage and Honey Stinger Vanilla

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