Wednesday, August 22, 2012

running with kenny

Wednesday is usually a day off from running, and I usually try to make the bodypump class after work.

Last night, I had a little debate with myself that lead to me doing my easy Friday run today and taking a rest day on Friday. I'm hoping that the rest before attempting 18 miles again will be a good thing. This morning I set out to do 6 easy miles. When I want to make sure my runs are easy, I take my iPod with me. and if I can sing and run, then its a good easy run. I don't know if that's scientific, but it works for me since it helps me shake out my legs without pushing too hard.

On every other run, I don't run with music. I've gotten used to listening to my surrounding, my breathing or the voices in my head. I actually feel safer running on the street without music, mainly because I'm paranoid I'm going to be kidnapped or trip over a rock if I'm too wrapped up in the music.

Today was a treat. I listened to the new Kenny Chesney album; Welcome to the Fishbowl. It's really good!!

I'm old school, I like buying the whole CD versus only downloading the songs you like. When you get a new CD, it's hard not to skip to the songs you like and his repeat, though. So where never I get a new CD, I listen to it while running. That way I can't skip, repeat or change songs.  In the end, I end up liking the whole thing!!

After my run, I stopped at the Social Security Office, to get a replacement SS Card. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Not bad. Now, I'm going to spend some time writing the results part of my thesis. ooh, fun. (note the sarcasm) Hope your day is great, Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

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