Monday, September 10, 2012

awesome target find!

This morning I woke up surprisingly early but still tired. Weird when that happens.

I spent the weekend in Big Bear with people I met through Anthony at the LA Galaxy games. Do you ever get weird anxiety about making new friends/ meeting people? I do! I'm am extra weird and keep thinking nonsense like," I hope they are nice and they don't think I'm super lame or try to murder me and stash my body somewhere on the mountain..eek!" I don't remember feeling like this when I was in school. I guess it's different when your older and you are making friends outside of work/ school versus being a kid where you play (thus are friends) with everyone.

Anyway, they were all a lot of fun and very, very entertaining.  I had a great time

After we got home, Anthony and I went to the Lomita Fair put on my a church down the street from where I live. It felt like a cute little date, we rode the scariest rides and then we had dinner. I had 2 churros. haha, hey they were 30cents!!!

Back to running: This morning, I went on a 7 mile easy run with my new running skirt. I see these on girls and think they are super cute.  I got this one at Target for under 10 bucks.  My thoughts: cute, easy to run in, should have bought the XS. The waistband was really lose but overall I love it!!
Making new friends? Thoughts? 

Do you go to the carnival for the food, or the rides?

Best target find? 

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