Saturday, September 15, 2012

bad luck all around

This morning I ran the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and everything that could have possible gone wrong went wrong.

1) my stomach still hurts.  2) I hadn't had any real food or fuel in 24 hours.  3) I woke up late.  4) I got lost on the way to the event.  5) my garmin was dead :( X2  6) It was hotter than hot.  7) self confidence shot :(

I'll post a full review later but long story short,  I beat my fastest time this year (June 2012) by 2 minutes!!!

I had no way of knowing how fast I was going but I felt like the first 7 miles were under 8:30. Then I had a GU and it made  my stomach mad. I totally felt myself slow down a lot. 

I felt like my legs and lungs had a lot more in them but it was hard to push myself when I felt so nauseous. 

It wasn't the best race for me, but I'm excited that I beat my time from 3 month ago. I'm feeling optimistic about my training plan. 

any plans for the weekend?

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