Saturday, September 22, 2012

Commit Don't Quit

In celebration of the first day of autumn, I decided to run 22 miles!

Not! I was forced to by the silly schedule I decided to follow back when I held out hope for completing a marathon without dying. Ok, Ok, nobody forced me. I really wanted to follow the schedule as much as possible and even though 22 miles is crazy, I'm glad I didn't quit or cut it short although I felt like dying.

The last four miles were really hard, I was tired and in pain. Plus, a full mile was uphill and  I stopped to walk a little and a guy on a bike yelled out "No! don't walk".  It made me so frustrated that I stopped to walk and that I was hurting and tired.

I guess there were a lot of emotions there, because I felt a dramatic sob session coming on right in front of  Bodymack gym. Funny thing, they have this giant  "commit don't quit" sign and right when I was going to call it quits and cry my eyes out, I looked up and kept going. screenshot

Today was hard, but I'm proud of myself for not quitting. On a positive note: that's it for the long runs :) :)
Ever been motivated or inspired by a sign?

How closely do you follow schedules?

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