Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy Friday

Happy Friday!! 

Is everyone else as excited for the weekend as I am. It's been a long and stressful week and the weekend can't come fast enough. 

This morning I did an easy 6 miles with Diggy Simmon's Unexpected Arrival. I like it. He's a little kid but the music is good. and he's a total cutie. 

My rule of thumb for easy runs is that I should be taking it easy to talk or sing without difficulty but hard enough where I'm breaking a sweat. Today's run felt good, not amazing since my legs still feel sore/tired. Then, I did 60 pushups because I'm really going to try to incorporate some cross-training into my life.

Then I spent 4 hours deciding on what museum I am going to on Museum Day Live tomorrow!! 

A bunch of museums are offering FREE admission tomorrow! Check the website for museums close to you. I was torn between the California Space Center and the Grammy Museum at LA Live. I decided to go with the Grammy Museum because the space center is apparently always free. good to know.

How do you incorporate weight or cross training into your exerciser routine? hints please. 

Do you like enjoy to museums? Which are your favorite?

Teen artist crush?

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