Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today I hit send

Yesterday was speed day. I ran 6X800's. They were all around 3:30.

1)3.34,  2) 3.43, 3) 3.34, 4) 3.30, 5) 3.37, 6)3.40.

Pretty consistent, but they felt really slow. When I pushed myself to go faster, I felt like my body couldn't accelerate anymore. At this point in my training, I'm starting to feel tired. I still like running, but the long run and tempo runs are starting to get annoying. Surprisingly,  I  like the sprints- they are short and painful and I'm loving the easy- zone-out-just-to-run- runs.

This morning was a scheduled rest day. I did an hour of free weights and squats while I watched the Today Show. I haven't been to bodypump since my membership expired (about 4 weeks) and I don't want to lost the muscle and definition from weight training so I have to make it a point to do a few reps on my own.

Today I hit send. Yup, today I decided to stop feeling scared and submit my pharmacy school applications. I probably wont hear from them until after Christmas, but its one less giant thing to stress over. Fingers crossed.

Do you cross train?
I love weights and yoga. But running more!

Ever hit a plateau? How do you overcome it? 

Today Show vs Good Morning America?

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