Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 more days.... eek!

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3 more days! I'm getting so nervous. This morning I went out for 4 easy miles and it was rainy in S.Cal. I ran even slower because I was afraid of tripping or slipping in the rain. Luckily, i didn't.

Unluckily, I'm suppose to work with my PI on my thesis today until late, and then I'm driving to Dinuba tonight. My parents are coming with me to SF, we are heading to SF on Saturday.

I'm really glad they are coming with me that way my dad can drive, my mom can make sure I hydrate adn eat, they can stalk me, take pictures and cheer me on as I try not to die on this marathon.

I'm so nervous and antsy (and scared)!!! EEEK!!!

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