Friday, October 12, 2012

SF bound and goals

I arrived at my parents house in Dinuba last night and haven't been doing much since then, just chatting with my mom.

I'm headed to SF tomorrow morning with my parents. They couldn't pass us a night in SF, or the opportunity to  cheer me on :)

I've got all my gear laid out and packed  (Garmin charged: check!)

1) run a smart race. I haven't been feeling too confident, and I'm nervous. I want to run smart, listen to my body and hopefully the months of training will pay off.

2) Don't hold back. Just because I'm feeling off or scared shouldn't be an excuse to take it easy. I feel like I'm contradicting myself but I want to do my best, run hard while listening to my body but not over exerting myself. Stay close to the 9mi/mile pace.

3) have fun. SF is beautiful, I love sightseeing while running. Plus, there will be tons of energy from the marathon itself, I want to enjoy it all!

Perfect Storm Goal: 3:59:59! I have heard this is a really hard race to PR in because of all A) Hills and B) all  the people. Last year the race didn't have corrals so there was a mix of runners, joggers and walkers I had to get around, so it was difficult to get around the crowd.


Do you set goals for yourself?

What do you do to overcome stress?

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