Tuesday, October 9, 2012

virology exam and a little run

I had a virology exam tonight, and since I've been overwhelmed with my thesis, I didn't' study much. 

I devoted a whole four hours this afternoon. I know, I know, terrible student. Luckily, a lot of what we have covered so far is review from Immunology so I already felt familiar with a bunch of stuff. The exam was a little bit of a challenge but i think i did well, given the circumstances. I hate being overwhelmed and can't give everything 100%. I guess, that's when you have to learn to prioritize 

Today I did a few easy miles and made sure to ice. I went out without my garmin, not sure how fast (or slow) i was going but the pace felt pretty good. Overall, I felt pretty good, except I'm getting more really nervous about the marathon. Part of me wants it to be over all ready! but I know it's important to  

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